Robust Platform Management

Secure data connection, storage and backups that IT departments trust

Scalable Platform

Built within Amazon Web Services, Supplyit's platform is design with security and reliability in mind

Staging Environments

Multiple development and backup environments allow for robust disaster recovery and seamless customer integration testing

End-to-End Encryption

All volumes and network activity from load balances to servers to client browsers are encrypted in transit and at rest

Agile Development

Frequent releases help us to address evolving business needs, security requirements and technology advances

whiteboarding a workflow for supplyit

Easy Data Entry

Desktop: have managers record data directly into Supplyit

Tablets: use Supplyit on tablet devices to simultaneously have employees complete in-store production while also entering data on production and waste

Mobile: use Supplyit’s data collection app, Scanit, to scan labels with a scanner or mobile phone to record waste and inventory data

Agnostic Integrations

We make sure that Supplyit can work with your current systems by offering a variety of integration options. As long as data is received in the right form, Supplyit can use it - regardless of your printer model, back office software or POS system.

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Automated Data Exchange

Import & Exports: bring data in and out of Supplyit via flat files

FTP: securely drop your data files and Supplyit will remotely retrieve and input the data

API: automate your integration by reading and writing your data programmatically

Serving Up Your Data

With just a web browser, you can log in to your Supplyit account and see what is going on in your operations, kitchen and stores. We make it easy to access your data whether you are on-site or on-the-go.

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