Order Portal

Make it easy to place orders with your business. We connect your kitchen to stores and customers in real-time. This way, customers can update orders right until production starts and your kitchen can know exactly what customers are planning to order.

Supplyit view orders screen on computer

Order Templates

For every day of the week


Automatic order placement

Special Orders

For special customer occasions


Apply mass order changes

Retail Forecasting

Intelligently estimate your ordering and production needs

Data-Driven Predictions

Rely on available sales, production and waste data along with product attributes, ordering rules, and your company defined goals.

Supplyit order template screenshot

With Strategies For You

Use a formula that is right for your business. Whether your forecasting orders from a third-party provider that only delivers on weekdays, to hit specific company waste goals, in-store roller grill items with 4-hour shelf lives, or daily bakery orders, we have an algorithm for you.

Supplyit custom forecasting screenshot

That Generate Results

Aim to drive real business results in the form of reduced food waste, increased sales and more time spent with your customers!

Supplyit forecasting details screenshot


For their orders, invoice your customers and also give them to access purchase and refund history. For accounting and payment purposes, use Supplyit invoices in your other systems

Refund Requests for Stores

  • No more getting charged for damaged or undelivered items
  • Request refunds right in your order
  • Be able to include clear reasoning for your refund
  • Easily view if refunds were granted or rejected

Credit Processing for Kitchens

  • All requests, all in one place
  • No more time consuming calls or emails to take requests
  • Follow a clear evidence trail, including notes and pictures
  • Quickly identify customer and stores abusing credits

Beyond Selling

See what else Supplyit can do for your business


Streamline and optimize your processes with production planning, order management, and packing and delivery strategies.

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Take control of your entire product offering, all in one place with product management, custom workflows and administrative tools.

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Gain visibility into your business and operations with inventory management, waste tracking and in-depth business reporting.

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