Our Mission

Is to make managing food easy. We want to help food flow to the right people and places through our team, technology and collaboration. By pursuing our mission, we know that each one of us can help reduce food waste, decrease the hurdles in making food, discover products people love, and understand where food ends up.


What we do

We help businesses manage their operations from start to finish. To us, it's not just about the food. It’s about empowering our customers to tackle the challenges that come with a complex supply chain, perishable products, and hungry customers.

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How we got here

It all started when Wynne’s Dunkin' Donut stores were having trouble communicating with the kitchen. His challenge was that busy managers did not have good tools for placing orders, which hurt everything from customer satisfaction to his bottom line. Wynne went searching for a solution and found it in Thomasin, Rob and Tim. From there, Thomasin and Rob stopped doing IT work, Wynne sold his Dunkin’ Donut stores and Supplyit was launched.

Meet our Team

Who we help

From convenience stores to food manufacturers to quick services restaurants, Jera supports small and large companies looking to grow, improve and innovate their fresh food businesses.

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Our Values

Focus on People

by committing ourselves to both our employees and customers, we create an inclusive and supportive community for all

Create by Listening

through learning how our customers operate and what challenges they have, we continue to find ways to improve

Keep it Simple

problems can quickly become complex but by staying true to our mission, we strive to uncomplicate the complicated

Remain Hungry

by never being satisfied, we strive to make managing food easier by pushing ourselves to be better