Waste Tracking

Raise awareness among your employees and begin to track waste in order to analyze what is driving your waste and how you can reduce the amount of food you waste

Hold employees accountable for what they make and order

Create insightful and individualized merchandising plans

Improve forecasting accuracy with more data

Tablet recording waste in Supplyit

Inventory Management

Periodic Inventory

Count and record inventory to view up-to-date inventory levels and value-on-hand

Perpetual Inventory

See where your inventory should be based on purchase, production, sales and waste activity

Scanit app for recording inventory on phone

Insightful Inventory

Supplyit is an excellent inventory tracker!! We track donut throwaways, donut orders, monthly food stock, annual paper stock, etc. We've been onboard with supplyit for many years and it is a vital part of our operations.

Worcester Donuts headshot
Anisa Sulstarova
Worcester Donuts, Administrative Manager

Business Reporting

Understand your organizational trends and issues with data that empowers you to operate with transparency

Stores & Districts

Find strong performers and struggling stores


Justify product concepts and identify promotion opportunities


Understand progress toward your waste goals

User Engagement

See if and how employees are using Supplyit

Advanced Reporting

Use inventory to understand ingredient usage as well as help identify potential areas of shrink, accidental waste, theft, recipe mistakes or processes execution errors

Usage Comparisons

Examine how much inventory you expected to have compared to how much you actually had

Product Costing

Analyze raw material costs with both expected costs from recipes and actual costs from usage

Periodic and perpetual paper inventory report

Beyond Tracking

See what else Supplyit can do for your business


Streamline your process with order management and production planning

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Take control of your product offering with workflows and administrative tools

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Drive purchases with customer ordering and data-driven merchandising plans

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