Quick Service Restaurants

Advance your foodservice consistency, bottom line, and customer satisfaction.

Reduce Food Waste

Raise awareness around the food you throwaway. With waste tracking, stores can understand whether food is being purchased or thrown away. Plans can then be created that account for and reduce waste.

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Improve Merchandising

Having the right products on the shelf at the right time is the ultimate goal when it comes to food. Our food algorithms use available data, product information and store goals to create forecasts.

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Using the forecasting has enabled us to focus more on the customer and less on administrative tasks such as determining or ‘guessing’ at proper order amounts.

Kevin Donovan
Donovan Services, Dunkin' Franchisee
Convenience store gas station

Convenience Stores

Go beyond branded offerings and take advantage of the food service opportunity in front of you.

Instruct In-Store Prep

Take the guesswork out of preparing food with prep and pull sheets, store-specific workflows, interactive production guidance, waste tracking, and scalable recipes.

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Plan Your Growth

As you grow, a commissary can help reduce costs and increase product consistency. We help with larger operations too, including commissary production and third party ordering.

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Every business comes with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. To understand if and how a food management system fits into your strategy, reach out to us!

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Wholesale, Commissary & Bakery

Organize your operations to decrease the time and labor required to produce fresh food

Execute Quicker

Work smarter with workflows, stations and assemblies that give clear direction on how to pull, mix, bake, finish, pick, pack and deliver food every day in every scenario.

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Grow Capacity

Handle more customers with an order portal, order aggregation, and ordering rules. These tools connect you to customer in real-time and give you control over the ordering process.

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Provide a Value-Add Solution

Give customers the option to go beyond ordering. With Supplyit, your customers can upgrade to a suite of forecasting, waste management and business reporting tools.

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We have seen significant improvements at the stores in the form of waste reduction, stock position, order fulfillment, reduced time commitment and ease of product eliminations and new product introductions.

Jeff Schook,
Quality Dairy, Chief Operating Officer


Become customers’ one-stop shop for all things food, from groceries to ready-to-go prepared meals

Expand Your Prepared Offerings

Create a better, more consistent prepared foods offering with the ability to store and scale proprietary recipes and insights from reports into product line justification.

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Prep and Plan with Ease

Help employees serve customers while keeping food prep on track. Assemblies and forecasts give an understanding of how much inventory is needed and how much food should be made.

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